Process Timeline

Timeline image of the building of the Mustang sculpture

This process timeline graphically showcases the ingenuity and craft that resulted in the design and construction of the Mustang sculpture for the Living Library exhibit.

“At 25 percent taller than the world’s tallest horse, this mustang sculpture stands over ten feet tall and weighs approximately 800 pounds. This mustang is a sculpture made entirely of scavenged and donated recycled steel and went from conception to erection in 10 weeks, remarkably quick project-sequencing! Allan was the result of a sustainability exhibit, The Living Library, requiring the use of recycled material and held by the Kennedy Library from April 12, 2016 through June 3, 2016. The sustainability exhibit, which also showcased Cal Poly’s learn-by-doing student education, was a collaboration of students from the College of Architecture and Environmental Design, College of Liberal Arts, and the College of Agriculture, Food, and Environmental Sciences. Allan was designed, fabricated, transported and erected by a group of Architectural Engineering(ARCE) and Architecture(ARCH) students within the College of Architecture and Environmental Design. The student’s involvement ranged from volunteering, to satisfying senior project requirements. Other exhibit contributions, such as storyboards and landscaping, were organized by students studying Graphic Arts and Agricultural and Environmental Plant Sciences within the College of Liberal Arts and College of Agriculture, Food, and Environmental Sciences.”

-- The Built EnvIRONment Senior Project, 2016