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cartoon by Leo Limon and song lyrics


“No Way Jose” song lyrics by Lalo Guerrero, cartoon by Leo Limon
ChismeArte Magazine Vol. 2 No. 1 [Edition No. 5], Summer Issue, 1978

Summer issue table of contents


Table of Contents and photo by G. Bejarano
ChismeArte Magazine Vol. 2 No. 1 [Edition No. 5], Summer Issue, 1978

Cover Artists: C.D. Almaraz and Jose “Pepe” Estrada
ChismeArte Magazine Vol. 2 No. 1 [Edition No. 5], Summer Issue, 1978


By Amanda Atkins

From the 2008 Exhibit

ChismeArte asserted the narrative of the undocumented immigrant as emergent working class in the comic strip, “No Way Jose,” an illustration by Leo Limon of Lalo Guerrero’s song. In the cartoon, the Jose’s misadventures illustrate discrimination and labor exploitation of undocumented Mexican immigrants. Jose can’t get fair wages because he doesn’t have papers, and is so stuck washing dishes for “50 cents a day.” When he asks for a raise, it’s “no way Jose.” The relation of rasquichismo to postmodernism is suggested in Jose Montoya’s “Sleepy Lagoon” story. Among other things, his trenchant micro-Cultural History explains how the “zoot-suit wearing pachucos” appropriated the clothing styles of Jazz hipsters from the “fringes and margins” of the North American culture to re-fashion a new, urban Chicano identity.

“No Way Jose” Lyrics

By Lalo Guerrero

Credit: ChismeArte Magazine Edition No. 5

My name’s Jose Gonzales
I come from Monterey
I came up to the border
one bright and sunny day
I told the immigration man
I go to U.S.A.
He looked at me and laughed
and this is what he say,
No way Jose, no way you go to U.S.A.
No way Jose, if you don’t got no papers
you don’t go to U.S.A.
But I am very stubborn
so I jump the fence next day
I took the Greyhound bus
and went to East L.A.
I wound up washing dishes
for fifty cents a day
I told the man, I want a raise
and this is what he say,
No way Jose, No way you get a raise today
No way Jose, If you don’t got green card
you don’t get raise today
I met a señorita,
her name was Sally Mae
I took her out to dinner
and to see a show one day
But when I took her home that night,
I ask her can I stay,
she pushed me out the door
and this is what she say,
No way Jose, No way that you can stay
No way Jose, you put ring on my finger,
then you can stay and play.
Caramba how I suffered
until one lucky day,
I met a man named Bruce,
and this is what he say,
I give you plenty money,
and a place where you can stay
But then he tried to kiss me,
I think that he was gay!
No way No way
I think I go back to Monterey.