A Visual Bibliography

This page will visualize the context, citations, and references that brought this project to fruition. More than just a footnote or a reference to a page, this manner of citation hopes to bring more context of the scholars, positionalities, and pathways of how ideas are created. 

Using data visualization tools (this one in particular is using Flourish), such a visual bibliography – a networks of ideas – hopes to bring more context into citation practices. Citations are political, and we hope to make sure that our ideology, methodologies, and politics are clear.

Other sources about the importance of the politics of citation, and the bias that inevitably happens: 

  • How accurate are citations of frequently cited papers in biomedical literature?V PavlovicT WeissgerberD StanisavljevicT PekmezovicV GarovicN MilicCITE Investigators. bioRxiv