The faculty exhibit program


The Faculty Exhibit Program highlights the interests and talents of faculty, and creates an alternative to the traditional modes of presenting academic scholarship and research. Aspiring to be inclusive and collaborative, the faculty-driven exhibits embolden the exchange of ideas that embody a variety of curatorial and conceptual approaches. The faculty-driven exhibits, typically displayed on the library’s second floor, are available to view for students, faculty and the community for an academic quarter.

Kennedy Library’s exhibit program has partnered with faculty to highlight their research interests by unique and tangible means since 2006. The program aims to foster collaboration, student engagement and discovery through partnerships with faculty, students and members of the Cal Poly community; highlighting the scholarly and creative work of faculty and students from across the colleges at Cal Poly. The program also provides work for student curators and student designers to assist with the art direction, installation and graphic design.


In conjunction with the Digital Publishing Pilot, the Faculty Exhibit Program has both a physical and digital iteration of the faculty’s scholarship.
Our goals with these projects is to create accessible and engaging digital scholarship, scholarship that meets the academic publication standards that are required for retention, tenure, and promotion portfolios. 

To suggest your own faculty exhibit, please see the following guidelines to submit an idea: