Digital Publications

This page is ongoingly updated with projects that are done in collaboration with Creative Works, faculty, students, etc.

In the portfolio module below, you can find individual projects. Projects are “assigned Categories and Tags – which give rise to an archive page – as opposed to Pages which are so-called ‘static’ publications” (source). A project behaves like a post, which is more dynamic than a page.

On, pages are well-suited for information about polypublishing. Projects are well-suited for publication products because we can display and access multiple projects, in a visually appealing and engaging way (aren’t the featured images nice?), under a single page, like this one! Jess is investigating how to have projects as level-two pages, so that these publications get the SEO benefits of pages as well as posts.

A project can appear on our site and in its menu as a page. Please Validate Me is an example of a top-level page. However, as our number of projects grows, we want to keep the top-level menu concise. This is one solution! What might belong here?